Curious about your child’s language development? 

Participate in our PLAUSL project!

The PLAUSL project at Northeastern University, funded by the NIH, is inviting families for a study investigating children’s learning and language development.

We are seeking first-graders (with or without a formal diagnosis of autism) to participate in our study. The child must be a native speaker of American English, be right-handed, and have typical hearing and vision (or corrected to normal). To see if your child is eligible, fill out our screener. 

For more details on our study, visit our project website!

Web-based Eye-tracking Language Learning Study

This project studies the relationship between prediction and language learning. We are currently recruiting healthy young adults. If you are interested in participating in this research, please contact Yi-Lun Weng at


Interested in joining a research study on language?

Time 2 Learn Study

We are recruiting participants with and without Developmental Language Disorders!

In this study, we are interested in how we can improve memory retention by shifting the times of day we learn. This study has two parts:
The first part of the study is a 2-hour session to get your language and reading profile, done over Zoom.
The second part of the study is a 1-week speech training experiment. You will pick up equipment from our lab and then complete 3-4 short training exercises Monday-Wednesday in the mornings or evenings. You will then come in to the lab for a 2-hour EEG at the end of the week. There is also an option for a 1-week training experiment that can be done completely remotely on your own computer.


If interested, fill out our self-screener here to determine eligibility and book your first session!